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Kids Weight Loss in Bergenfield

Bergenfield weight loss program for children

Kids weight loss in Bergenfield

Kids weight loss in Bergenfield

Is it important to your child’s health that he or she is able to lose some weight? Are you concerned that your child is not having enough physical exercise to stay healthy and to build strong muscles and a strong body? If these are concerns of yours, we fully understand. Our founder, Dr. Kerry Escamilla, D.C. is the Director and innovator of Sensory Taekwon-Do. Dr. Escamilla has advanced training in neurology and function medicine. He knows the importance of children having both healthy bodies as well as healthy minds. He is happy to sponsor programs that work toward kids weight loss in Bergenfield. He is fully devoted to helping children develop a healthy mind and body connection, as this will help them in countless ways throughout their lifetime.

For many years Dr. Escamilla has worked with children who have childhood spectrum disorders, and he continues to do so. He believes in the whole brain/whole body approach to treatment, and has long believed that martial arts helps children not only develop their body, but their mind and the mind body connection as well. Dr. Escamilla knows that overweight children benefit from getting their weight down and getting their bodies into a healthier situation. He is devoted to working with children so that they can lead happier, more productive lives. Helping with kids weight loss in Bergenfield is an important aspect of Sensory Taekwon-Do programs.

The programs at Sensory Taekwon-Do provide a consistent and highly structured environment. They help with kids weight loss in Bergenfield by providing a highly physical program, which also teaches disciplinary and observational skills that the children can apply to many other aspects of their lives. We offer specialized weight loss programs for kids that helps get them moving and recognizing the benefits to feeling well and physically and mentally wrong. At Sensory Taekwon-Do we offer many programs to help children achieve a better balanced life through a strong mind / body connection. If you would like to learn more about any of our specialized programs for children, or about our weight loss program in particular, contact us today for a meeting with one of our staff members at Sensory Taekwon-Do. We also offer special programs to help children with ADD/ADHD; learning and memory disorders; dyslexia and dyspraxia; and autism/pdd/aspergers syndrome.

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