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Allendale Sensory Taekwondo

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Allendale sensory taekwondo

Allendale sensory taekwondo

By stimulating areas in the brain that incorporate balance, body awareness, muscle coordination, strength and working memory, we can promote growth and improve connectivity for children with learning disabilities. To be effective, treatment requires a whole brain, whole body approach. Our breakthrough services and martial arts program is custom designed for each child’s neurological profile. The core of this program of Allendale sensory taekwondo is extracted from cutting edge neurological studies that incorporate movement exercise to help create healthier pathways in the brain.

Children with learning disabilities are often affected by a wide range of symptoms, many of which can benefit from our Allendale sensory taekwondo. We accept children that have been labeled with Autism, PDD, and Asperger’s. We also provide Taekwondo for those with ADD/ADHD, Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, and other learning and memory problems. Those patients with Down’s Syndrome can also benefit from our special needs recreation. We incorporates the senses during the Taekwon-Do sessions. The auditory is stimulated by playing music specifically designed to right brain and left brain functions. Visual senses are used when students are modeling the instructor. Vestibular encompasses balance and this worked on heavily during the session. Proprioceptive involves the sense of position of your body parts. Students must use this sense to focus on where they are placing their own body parts are they are performing the martial art exercise. The tactile or sense of touch is brought in throughout the session with the climbing wall, balls and other equipment that is used during the group.

At Sensory TKD we adapt what is known about nervous system function to prescribe corrective exercises and activities to help improve and strengthen connections between brain structures. Our special needs recreation has evolved to include sensory integration, brain balancing activities, and nutritional interventions thus making it a true whole body-whole brain approach to treatment. If you would like to learn more about our services, we highly recommend that you visit our practice’s main website to browse through some additional, detailed information that you might find useful. If you have any specific questions or concerns regarding Allendale sensory taekwondo and recreational services for kids with learning disabilities, please do not hesitate to contact the staff here directly.

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