Fort Lee special needs classes

Fort Lee Special Needs Classes

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Taekwondo classes for kids with autism in Fort Lee

Fort Lee special needs classes
Fort Lee special needs classes

Martial arts has been a way to improve concentration, focus and discipline for centuries. At Sensory Taekwon-Do, we offer Fort Lee special needs classes for children who may benefit from our unique methods. The founder of Sensory Taekwon-Do, Dr. Kerry Escamilla, has been treating children on the autism spectrum as well as children with ADD for many years and since his program started in 2006.

Dr. Escamilla believes in a whole brain/whole body approach to treating children with these disorders. With a neurology and martial arts background, his advanced training in both and in functional medicine, he is an expert on combining these therapies with early childhood spectrum disorders. His Fort Lee special needs classes are done in a highly structured environment, which helps improve concentration in children due to the consistency of the programs. The programs involve a wide variety of natural therapies used to help children with autism, including sensory integration, brain balancing activities and nutrition counseling and intervention where necessary. We tailor our programs to target nervous system function by using corrective exercises and activities, which help to strengthen and improve the connection between brain structures and have been shown to help manage children on the autism spectrum.

Our Fort Lee special needs classes include martial arts classes for children with autism, weight loss and detox exercise programs, Taekwon-Do for adults, physical training for children with sensory disorders, and more. We know that children who have sensory disorders have different degrees of severity, so we tailor each program to your child’s unique set of skills and needs. Because these children are impacted by impaired social interaction, communication and restricted behavior, they have trouble with focus and with concentration. Our programs are designed to enhance their physical abilities in a way that helps them find comfort and discipline.

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