Auditory processing treatment Teaneck

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Here at Sensory Taekwon-Do we have committed ourselves to instilling the benefits of martial arts in children who have special needs. And while we are well known for working with kids who have ADHD, autism, Asperger’s, Down’s Syndrome, and more, it is also true that we have great success with children who need auditory processing treatment.

We know that there are unique challenges that are part of raising a special needs child. She or he means the world to you, and you only want him or her to have the best. Auditory Processing Disorder will not stop your child from enjoying the confidence boosting and self-esteem that come from learning Taekwon-Do. And we’re not just any dojo. We have spend our entire careers working with children just like yours; wonderful, enthusiastic kids who flourish in a supportive environment staffed by experienced professionals. The focus and discipline that is absolutely vital to gaining proficiency in martial arts of any discipline brings your child a sense of accomplishment that is second to none. And from the moment you walk through our door with your child, you will be able to see immediately that our atmosphere is one that is welcoming, friendly, positive, and upbeat. Our auditory processing treatment Teaneck creates a chance for your child to experience improvements in his or her ability to process sound. And when you consider that our director is both a second degree black belt in Taekwon-Do and also a medical doctor with advanced training in both neurology and functional medicine, and doubts you may have had will dissipate.

We are proud to have built and maintained the following we have, and we’re sure that our auditory processing treatment in Teaneck will be a positive component in your child’s life. Please call us to arrange an appointment.