Ridgewood taekwondo classes

Ridgewood Taekwondo Classes

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Adult Taekwondo Classes in Ridgewood

We are pleased that our dojo specializes in helping children who are on the spectrum, but we also offer adult classes here at Sensory Taekwon-Do. For those adults who are on the spectrum, are special needs, or Down Syndrome, you too can take advantage of all the wonderful results that learning martial arts will do for you. Enjoy having fun with other people who have challenges similar to you. Make friends, boost your self-confidence, and get the benefits of regular exercise all at once.

Our Ridgewood taekwondo classes are specifically tailored to each person. You are a unique individual, so your needs and preferences are going to be different than those of everyone else, so we make sure that the plan for you reflects that. There have been many neurological studies that show benefits for physical activity in general, and for martial arts especially, when it come to strengthening brain connections. That alone would be reason enough to recommend our Ridgewood taekwondo classes. But there’s much more to them than that. Your balance and muscle coordination are positively affected. Plus, your sense of body awareness grows. It’s also a very good idea to learn the principles of self defense, and that is something that we are committed to. Best of all, you’ll have a great time. Martial arts are about discipline, but they’re also about good feelings. Many of the same principles that apply to our younger clients are also true for our adult ones. We work with you one on one, using audio and visual stimulation to maximize your experience.

We are confident that our Ridgewood taekwondo classes will be a fulfilling endeavor, so contact our office to either set up an appointment for yourself, or if you want to do so for loved one or friend, we encourage that, as well. Take that first vital step.

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