Waldwick Recreational Activities

Waldwick Recreational Activities

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Recreational Activities for Children with Learning Disabilities in Waldwick

Finding the right activities for kids on the spectrum or with special needs can be a challenge. Since kids can have different triggers and have different sensory reactions to everything, it can be difficult for a parent to find an activity that appeals to their child’s preferences and thinking patterns while also being fun and engaging – but that is where Sensory Taekwon-Do comes in. Here at our dojo, we offer plenty of Waldwick recreational activities for children with learning disabilities and we can tailor certain programs to your child’s needs as well.

Dr. Kerry Escamilla, D.C. has been treating kids on the spectrum and with a variety of learning disabilities since he began the program back in 2006. Using his advanced training in neurology and functional medicine with emphasis on early childhood spectrum disorders with his own background in taekwon-do and martial arts, he created a completely unique program that can be especially enriching for children with a variety of learning disabilities. We accept children who have been labeled with autism, PDD, Aspergers, ADHD, ADD, dyslexia, dyspraxia, Down’s syndrome as well as learning and memory problems. The core of the program was designed using cutting edge neurological studies that incorporate movement exercise to help create healthier pathways in the brain which helps us tailor each martial arts program per every child’s neurological profile. Incorporating diverse one-to-one training, our programs can also include nutritional coaching and we are the first martial arts program to include auditory processing/motor planning therapeutic intervention as well. When it comes to Waldwick recreational activities here at Sensory Taekwon-Do, each program incorporates the senses during every session to create a completely engaging enriching experience all around.

If you are looking for something that is unique, special, and can be tailored to your child’s needs, consider signing them up for Waldwick recreational activities here at Sensory Taekwon-Do where they can learn new skills and build their self-esteem.

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