Auditory processing treatment Teaneck

Auditory Processing Treatment Teaneck

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Auditory processing treatment in Teaneck

Auditory processing treatment Teaneck
Auditory processing treatment Teaneck

Here at Sensory Tae-Kwon-Do, we offer a completely unique martial arts program for children on the spectrum. Our breakthrough programs and activities are custom designed and based on each child’s neurological profile. Our director, Dr. Kerry Escamilla, D.C., is a 2nd degree black belt but he also has advanced training in neurology and functional medicine with an emphasis on early childhood spectrum disorders. Combining these two things together, he has created a whole brain/whole body approach to treatment that can be catered to any child’s needs. Treating kids from a variety of backgrounds, we also offer auditory processing treatment in Teaneck.

There are plenty of different learning disorders and other conditions that can affect how kids learn from and interact with the world around them. By learning more about how your child’s brain operates, you may be able to find effective methods of learning and understanding, allowing your child to create a completely unique understanding of and relationship with the world around them. When it comes to conditions like auditory processing disorder, communication can be a challenge. Auditory processing disorder is a disorder that affects a child’s ability to understand speech. Symptoms of this condition often involve difficulty understanding speech in noisy environments, following directions, and distinguishing between similar sounds. While there is no cure, treatments can help. Some of these options may include environmental modifications, such as the use of listening devices, and working with a therapist. Here at Sensory Taekwon-Do, we offer auditory processing treatment Teaneck that is completely unique in that we have the first ever martial arts auditory processing/motor planning therapeutic intervention available.

We work with kids and parents one-on-one in order to find out what kids of treatment will work best for them, so for parents looking for auditory processing treatment Teaneck, we can offer them and their kids something special, fun, and enriching. If you would like to learn more about our martial arts auditory processing/motor planning therapeutic intervention, feel free to call or visit us here at Sensory Taekwon-Do.

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