Teaneck Special Needs After-School Programs

Special needs after-school programs in Teaneck

Teaneck special needs after-school programs

Teaneck special needs after-school programs

Not everyone understands the challenges that you as a parent face when you have a child with special needs. But we at Sensory Taekwon-Do certainly understand fully. We have developed our entire range of services around providing fulfilling activities for your child. And with our Teaneck special needs after-school programs, you can take advantage of extracurricular activity that your child will love and will get so much out of.

Martial arts in general, and taekwon-do in particular, offer a learning experience and an opportunity for greater self-esteem and confidence, along with instilling discipline and respect for others. And all this is in addition to your child learning how to defend himself or herself. We design our Teaneck special needs after-school programs specifically to meet your child’s individual needs. We base this on her or his neurological profile, and incorporating the very latest information in how exercise works to promote more effective pathways to the brain. Taekwon-Do as the foundation of our Teaneck special needs after-school programs, stimulates your child’s brains in those parts that deal with balance, muscle coordination, strength, working memory, and body awareness. She or he will benefit from the opportunity to promote personal growth and to improve brain connectivity. When you come in with your child, we will work with both of you to tailor our existing programs so that they will do the most for your child. We work one-on-one with him or her, and our efforts include more than Taekwon-Do. We also use methods like nutritional coaching, along with audio and video stimulation. Overall, the goal is to the involve all of her or his senses, which leads to the best results.

So if you’re intrigued about the possibilities with our Teaneck special needs after-school programs, then reach out to us right now and set up an appointment.

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