Children Learning Abilities Center in Waldwick

Recreational Activities for Children with Learning Disabilities in Waldwick

Children Learning Abilities Center in Waldwick

Children Learning Abilities Center in Waldwick

Here at Sensory Taekwon-Do, we’re pleased to discuss all of the outstanding benefits that martial arts have to offer, but there are very specific and positive ones that are ideal for your child who has a learning disability, whether she or he is on the spectrum or has another type of learning condition that you would like to see be subject to improvement.

The challenges that are faced not only by your child, but by you as the parent, require a comprehensive strategy, and undoubtedly you have an existing plan of action that includes working with professionals in other fields. Our recreational activities can be a big part of that. Our children learning abilities center in Waldwick has tailored our program to meet the needs of children just like yours. In fact, we go a big step further. Your child will have a program that is designed uniquely for him or her, based on neurological profile. There is significant research that has gone into it. We access, evaluate, and integrate the results of neurological studies and other meaningful information that has shown how physical exercise leads to more efficient movement in the pathways of the brains of children; the part of the brain that is in charge of balance, muscle coordination, strength, body awareness, and working memory will be stimulated by the activities at our children learning abilities center in Waldwick. Growth and more effective connectivity are the reachable goals. Your child will experience one-on-one attention that goes beyond the exercise, including nutritional counseling, as well as audio and visual stimulation.

By this point, it is our hope that we have convinced you to take the next step. Call us and we will schedule a convenient time for you to come in with your child so that you can both see, up close and personal, what our children learning abilities center in Waldwick is all about.

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