ADHD Taekwondo in Ridgewood NJ

Ridgewood ADHD Treatment with Taekwondo

Taekwondo in Ridgewood NJ

Taekwondo in Ridgewood NJ

If your kid is having issues caused by ADHD, you will definitely want to bring him or her to our program at Sensory Taekwon-Do. Our program using Taekwondo in Ridgewood NJ is a unique martial arts program that helps children on the spectrum, and who to have ADHD.

Many different types of childhood issues are helped with Sensory Taekwon-Do. This program is custom designed for each child based on each child’s own neurological profile. The basis for the program is leading edge neurological studies that show the benefit of incorporating movement exercises which will create healthier pathways in the brain. Once these healthier pathways develop, it allows children with certain issues to function better. When these areas in the brain are stimulated that have to do with a child’s balance, body awareness, muscle coordination, strength and working memory, they help the child’s brain to grow and improve connectivity within its pathways. ADHD affects almost 5% of school-age children. It can cause inattentiveness, impulsivity, or a combination of issues. Treatment uses the whole brain, whole body approach. To be effective for children on the spectrum, who can suffer a wide range of symptoms, treatment requires the whole brain to be involved, as well. This is why our whole body approach is so successful; it incorporates a diverse one-to-one treatment program. During our Taekwondo in Ridgewood NJ sessions, we play music specifically designed for right brain and left brain functions. Visual senses are needed when the student is asked to model the instructor. In fact, all of the child’s senses are used while they are doing the martial arts exercises.

For an appointment to come in and see what Taekwondo in Ridgewood NJ can do for your child, contact us today. Our Director at Taekwon-Do in Ridgewood NJ is Dr. Kerry Escamilla, a 2nd degree black belt holder, who has also treated many children on the spectrum.

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