ADHD Treatment in Ridgewood NJ

Taekwon-Do Activities in Ridgewood NJ

ADHD Treatment in Ridgewood NJ

ADHD Treatment in Ridgewood NJ

ADHD can present a variety of challenges both to your child, and to you as the parent. Here at Sensory Taekwon-Do, we offer a unique yet very effective method for addressing its effects, and that is our ADHD treatment in Ridgewood NJ.

There is no doubt that martial arts training and classes require focus and discipline. But what is perhaps less well known is that the results of neurological studies have shown that exercise lead to to creating more efficient pathways in the brain. And that, in turn serves to mitigate the impact that ADHD has on your child. We develop a program that is custom designed especially for your child’s individual needs. There is no one-size-fits-all approach utilized here. Our ADHD treatment in Ridgewood NJ takes into account your child’s neurological profile and his or her specific symptoms so that the parts of her or his brain that are responsible for balance, muscle coordination, strength, working memory, and body awareness are properly stimulated. Our ADHD treatment in Ridgewood NJ also includes nutritional coaching as part of an overall approach to achieving the goals that we work with you to create at the outset. The priority is to design a plan that promotes growth and better connectivity in the brain of your child. Fortunately, taekwon-do puts multiple senses to use when it is practiced in the manner that it is intended. We also use selected music to stimulate right brain and left brain functions, visual elements, and tactile sensation. Needing to concentrate on proper positioning for the exercised involved is also very helpful to the overall process and in bringing about the desired outcome.

Why not call us right now and schedule a convenient time to come in with your child? Taekwon-do can be a very useful tool in dealing with your child’s ADHD. Let us show you how.

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