Special Needs Taekwondo Fort Lee

How Taekwon-Do activities help kids with ADD in Fort Lee

Special Needs Taekwondo Fort Lee

Special Needs Taekwondo Fort Lee

If your child has ADD, you have probably already explored an array of ways to address it. Here at Sensory Taekwon-Do, we can add one that may be unexpected, but is nevertheless highly effective, as well as fun. ADD is just one of a variety of learning disabilities for which Taekwon-Do can have positive effects.

It’s important to explain right here that this is not a wish or a hope. The most advanced neurological studies have shown the advantages of exercise for promoting greater efficiency of the brain’s pathway for children who are on the spectrum. And our special needs Taekwondo in Fort Lee certainly qualifies. It stimulates the parts of the brain that affect balance, muscle coordination, strength, working memory, and body awareness. Of course, there are many benefits that are applicable to martial arts for children, regardless of whether or not he or she has ADD. It boosts self-esteem, and it instills discipline as well as respect for yourself and opponents. But our special needs Taekwondo in Fort Lee goes well beyond that for your child who is on the spectrum. We would not expect you to rely 100% on what we have to offer when it comes to the methods that you rely on for managing your child’s ADD. But it does provide unique assistance as part of a comprehensive strategy. You can rest assured that we take our responsibility seriously. We work with your child as an individual, providing focused attention. Exercise is a big part of it, but so is the nutritional coaching that is part of our regimen. Audio, visual, and tactile stimulation are useful in the involvement of your child’s senses.

Call us and make an appointment to come in with your child to take advantage of our special needs Taekwondo in Fort Lee. It’s an excellent part of a complete strategy for the management of ADD.

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