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Taekwondo ADD Treatment in Tenafly

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Taekwon-Do activities for kids with ADD in Tenafly

Taekwondo ADD treatment in Tenafly
Taekwondo ADD treatment in Tenafly

When you consider all of the remarkable benefits that we learning Taekwondo can offer, from boosting confidence and self-esteem to giving your child the ability to defend herself or himself, along with the discipline and respect for others that is inherent in learning Taekwondo, that would be reason enough to feel positive about booking your child to come in to see us at Sensory Taekwon-Do. But in addition to all of those exciting plusses, we are proud to provide highly effective services for your child is he or she has a learning disability. Let us tell you more about our Taekwondo ADD treatment in Tenafly.

If your child is on the spectrum, we can help. We have designed a martial arts program that is specifically targeted to not only have a positive effect, but to meet your child’s unique needs based on his or her neurological profile. This is something we have worked very hard at, by using the latest and most advanced information available form neurological studies when it comes to the advantages of physical exercise in fostering improvement with pathways in the brain. Our Taekwondo ADD treatment in Tenafly stimulates parts of your child’s brain that are related to balance, body awareness, muscle coordination, strength, and working memory. Our program will assist in promoting growth and improving connectivity.

We understand that when you have a child who is on the spectrum, there are challenges that you face and that every tool and method that can effect a positive change is welcome. It’s true that our Taekwondo ADD treatment in Tenafly is not always the first thing that comes to mind when you’re cataloging your options for your child with ADD, but effective treatment often necessitates encompassing a wide range of possibilities. We work with your child one-to-one, using not only exercise, but also nutritional coaching in our efforts to achieve improvement when it comes to her or his symptoms. We incorporate your child’s senses, using audio and visual stimulation, as well as the vital sense of touch. We think you will be very pleased with what we have to offer. Why not call us today and make an appointment?

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