Taekwondo ADD treatment in Tenafly

How Taekwon-Do activities help kids with ADD

Taekwondo ADD treatment in Tenafly

Taekwondo ADD treatment in Tenafly

Sensory Taekwon-Do is an innovative martial arts program directed by Dr. Kerry Escamilla, D.C. With an advanced training in functional medicine that emphasizes on early childhood spectrum disorders, Dr. Escamilla has created a mind/body approach to treatment for attention deficit disorder (ADD) and other spectrum disorders. He is a second degree black belt with extensive experience treating children with behavioral troubles. For Taekwondo ADD treatment in Tenafly, please visit our offices. We are open every day of the week in order to accommodate all our clients.

Dr. Escamilla believes that Taekwon-Do activities are especially beneficial for children who suffer from ADD. He has conducted years of research on brain function and has structured his program to include sensory integration therapies to help children who have trouble focusing and concentrating. The practice has been shown to improve focus and concentration due to the structure of the martial arts environment. Our programs are designed to fit each child’s neurological profile and are extracted from studies that are intended to create new and healthier pathways within the brain using movement and exercise. This promotes better connectivity and growth. During Taekwondo ADD treatment in Tenafly, the classes will incorporate each child’s senses using music specially designed to stimulate the auditory right and left brain. As students imitate the instructor, visual senses are also stimulated and their tactile sense of touch used.

Taekwondo ADD treatment in Tenafly is extremely beneficial to children who suffer from the disorder. ADD and ADHD are the most commonly diagnosed behavioral disorders, affecting 3-5% of schoolchildren. It causes them to suffer from hyperactivity, inattentiveness, and other distressing symptoms. Children with ADD and other spectrum disorders are often affected by many different symptoms. Dr. Escamilla has treated many children for the duration of his program, which he began in 2006. It involves a highly structured regimen that helps children with autism disorders and ADD focus better by utilizing brain balancing activities, sensory integration, and nutritional programs. It truly is an entire whole body and whole brain revolutionary approach to ADD and other disorders. We also accept children who have been labeled with autism, PDD, Aspergers and Down’s Syndrome.

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